Possibilities to travel and work after pandemic

Possibilities to travel and work after pandemic

Possibilities to travel and work after pandemic

Before the pandemic, only a small portion of professionals worked remotely. The technology was there – we had online conferencing, communication tools, but the companies were reluctant to make the change to remote working.

The new normal

Pandemic forced the companies to make the change, and now many employees want to return to the traditional model. But a significant portion of companies have noticed that employees who work remotely are just as effective as they were in the office. In addition to that, the current economy puts employees in an advantageous position. For this reason, companies are unlikely to force their employees to come back to the office if they don’t want to.

After being in lockdown for so long, professionals are looking forward to traveling again. Some of them want to use their paid vacation time, which they saved from last year. Others want to continue working remotely forever. For them, it’s more comfortable to work from home, because they don’t have to spend more than an hour every day commuting. In addition to that, there is the comfort of setting up your own workspace with all the necessary amenities, instead of working in an open space.

Combine work and leisure

Digital nomads have always been around, but in limited numbers. In the near future, their numbers are only going to go up.

In the past, it was mostly freelancers, entrepreneurs and self employed people who combined travel and work. Thanks to the pandemic, the number of digital nomads is only going to increase. Some studies show that almost 30% of jobs that used to be ‘normal’ office jobs are going to stay remote forever. This means that millions of professionals will be free to go anywhere they want and work while traveling.

Lower cost of living

travel after pandemic

In some cases, working in remote locations can be cheaper than in many expensive cities in the western world. You could save money by living in Bali, or Thailand, instead of barely scraping by in San Francisco. If you have any significant disposable income, you can deposit your money in Bob Casino Canada, and enjoy the thrill of playing games. 

Many countries are opening up the opportunities for digital nomads to stay in their countries. Destinations like Bali, Thailand islands and Mexico are already popular havens for digital nomads. In addition to that, European countries, such as Estonia are also introducing new opportunities for people who want to work remotely. As long as you can demonstrate certain financial means, Estonia will give you a visa to stay there for one year.

Choosing a perfect location

In some cases, it may be beneficial to stay in countries that are remote, but still fairly close to the USA. Countries in the Caribbean, like Barbados and Bermuda are starting to create programs just for digital nomads from the USA. The requirements for these visas are very typical. Workers need to show yearly earnings over a certain threshold, and have medical insurance. These countries have excellent infrastructure. The Internet is very fast everywhere, and you’ll be practically in the same time zone as your coworkers. If needed, you can get on a plane and show up in your offices within a few hours. 

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